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About HEAL

Heal is a holistic therapy providing a natural alternative to enable women from all walks of life to become their better self.


Our mission is to empower women with the simple, swift, and organic way of healing, to equip them with effective tools to heal themselves through the various obstacles faced in life. 


We are driven to serve the communities of women and help them transform to become the best version of themselves. Having helped clients through their journey including depression, anxiety, abuse, childhood traumas, narcissistic spouses or parents, and much more, we recognise that everyone has a unique journey, therefore a unique healing process.


Rafet Khaliq, our founder and a fully trained Aafiyah Healing and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner is able to mould an array of techniques and tools around client’s needs.


Health, both physical and emotional is much like a tree, healthy roots mean strength and vitality; much the same our services is about discovering root causes in order to start the healing process. The onus is on creating a positive change stemming from the very roots, with a holistic effect improving work and personal life alongside a feeling of uplifted spiritual wellbeing.


To find out more about our services simply fill the short enquiry form below and become your better self.

About HEAL

"Energy follows thought; we move toward, but not beyond, what we can imagine. What we assume, expect, or believe creates and colours our experience. By expanding our deepest beliefs about what is possible, we change our experience of life."

Dan Millman

Live by...

Pink Blossom

Live by your HEART


Be grateful...

...big & small.


Forgive... deserve peace.


Make good intentions...

...add purpose to life.


“A professional engaging service.  I found Rafet communicated very well with me to source deep thoughts, behaviour and feelings.  We discovered how these have manifested for some time.  The sessions were very well constructed and flowed well to source these issues.  She then worked with me to a solution which has had a lasting positive effect.  In such a short period of time I never expected the positive impact to be so profound.”

— Client 1



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